For my lastest collection, I found inspiration in the decor and architecture of the late 1950’. A short road trip from my home in Los Angeles is Palm Springs, located in the beginning of the Mojave Desert. I love to visit the quiet desert for a few days, with a stop in this mid-century modern marvel of a town. Walking the manicured neighborhoods lined with white residences, abundant with palm trees – all changing colors with the sun.  Leisurely strolling and perhaps visiting establishments for a cocktail – admiring the furniture and art. It all reminds me of a quieter time. Before cellphones and google with not needing to know everything all the time. 

CALI LOPE – Elope to California

I have chosen bold, raw and organic rocks for Calilope. These unique gems being made strong and beautiful through time, heat and pressure – now sparkle with each their unique tale to tell. Through their matrix and texture, shape and luster each piece uniquely beautiful and ready to be loved and embraced.