The creation of the “Scent from Earth” series was driven by a deep appreciation for our planet and a desire to explore its wonders. With this in mind, I carefully crafted six unique scents that I believe will evoke fond memories for every individual. Each fragrance, from the refreshing Ocean Breeze to the warm animalic equestrian scent Hay Horses, is a celebration of nature’s beauty. By experiencing these scents, you can embark on a sensory journey that will exercise your brain and awaken your imagination. So, take a deep breath and allow the scents of “Scent from Earth” to transport you to some of the most beautiful and cherished moments in nature.

The purpose of “Scent from Earth” series is not just about enjoying the beautiful scents of nature, while delighting your senses and stimulating your mind, but also a reminder to cherish and take care of our planet. With each fragrance, I aim to inspire a sense of connection to the natural world. Nature is essential for our physical, emotional, and mental well-being. It provides us with clean air, water, and food, and supports a diverse range of plant and animal life. Research has shown that spending time in nature can reduce stress, boost mood and cognitive function, and improve overall health. Get lost in the wilderness with wildlife or walk the beach watching the waves roll in.

In today’s world, where we are increasingly disconnected from the natural world, it is more important than ever to appreciate and protect our environment. By taking care of the planet, we are also taking care of ourselves and future generations. So let us all do our part to cherish and preserve the beauty and bounty of nature for the benefit of all.

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LYNCHLAND: Genre, Auteurism and a Fish in the Percolator

Susan Ankersen was invited to create a custom scent for the exhibition and her intention is touch you with scent. Her work is an invisible painting to illuminate the experience and engage your senses to connect your memory to the experience. Her piece “Lost Illusion” was made especially for the exhibit and is diffused into the space. Composed in 2021 intended to be a Dark, Sexy, Earthy and Surreal with a touch of disturbing……


Strange and beautiful, the films of David Lynch vary in subject, but are linked by a unique dreamlike logic that has captivated audiences and established itself as its own genre. The Oxford English Dictionary defines “Lynchian” as “juxtaposing surreal or sinister elements with mundane, everyday environments, and for using compelling visual images to emphasize a dreamlike quality of mystery or menace.”

Lynchland: Genre, Auteurism and a Fish in the Percolator* explores unheimlich artwork that could be considered fitting within the genre of David Lynch’s films. The show is not a tribute to David Lynch and does not feature “fan art”. Rather, it is an exploration of his genre, and how artwork that has a sense of the uncanny relates to how we understand something to be “Lynchian”.

This show explores a wide array of artwork that connects to the Lynchian genre. From photography to painting, video to sculpture, visual to olfactory art, Lynchland immerses the audience in the variety of ways the genre manifests in the contemporary art world.

* Referring to an incident in the first episode of Lynch’s Twin Peaks. “Fellas, don’t drink that coffee. You’d never guess…there was a fish in the percolator.”


Curators: Tom Dunn and Steve Wolkoff

Participating artists: Alison Blickle, Polly Borland, Debra Broz, Matt Bucy, Bill Dane, Robert Gober, Tomoo Gokita, Tim Hawkinson, Trulee Hall, Shana Moulton, Penelope Umbrico, Tim Youd.

Torrance Art MuseumShop Limited Edition
Olfactory Exhibit London Design Museum

 LONDON DESIGN MUSEUM | Oct 2019 – Feb 2020


Olfactory Art diffused into the Exhibit Space

MARS is a creation, formulated after studying the molecular compositions said to be found on the planet Mars. Notes includes a sharp gassy sulphury top note,  dusty and dry oxidized iron mid notes with a hint of sweetness and continuing with a burned and smokey accord with subtle traces of gun powder.

DESERT RAIN is a scent reminiscent of our home planet. This creation is a reformulation of my Pure Rain fragrance with a few notes added. For this Olfactory experience, I included the original molecule Petrichor, a scent unique to Earth and the scent you smell when rain falls on very dry soil. I found that every person who smelled Pure Rain had a memory of experiencing Earths nature and the freshness and lushness of our planet.

NASA Houston | May 2019

For the SPACE MOON MARS exhibit at NASA Johnson Space Center, the space was diffused with the Earth Memories Scent series. 

I created 6 bespoke scents for Mars City Design. Each an earthly fragrance intended to remind us of our beautiful planet Earth. For the travelers on the long trip in the spaceship to other planets, one whiff of these scents will transported you back right back to the smell of fresh cut grass on  a quiet Sunday morning  or to the barn of a horse farmer out in the countryside etc..

These 6 unique nature inspired scents

Desert Rain, Stargazing Bonfire, Horse Barn, Beach Breeze, Winter Forrest and Fresh Cut Grass. These scents will provide an escape for the traveler, inhale and imagine being back on earth on the long journey in space and on the planet Mars.  


Olfactory Art NASA JPL

OLFACTORY EVENTS | Herman Miller | Los Angeles CA

Olfactory Event Los Angeles
Olfactory Event Los Angeles
Olfactory Event Los Angeles

Photo: Chacha Sikes